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Social places of Jharsuguda neglected but commercialization is on go

Posted by: Chittaranjan Meher Updated:29.07.2014

Jharsuguda-26/07/2014 The Jhadeswar Shiva Temple, one of the famous Siva temples in the district as well as neighboring districts is lurching in the twin state of negligence and care. On the one hand when construction of new temple is going on full swing at the same time other facilities at the temple are in a dilapidated condition. All the government machinery and local intelligentsia have turned a blind eye towards it. The old pond at the temple used by local people as well as devotees is not better than any drain. The bathing staircases are all in a completely rambled condition. It may be noted that the pond was renovated and inaugurated by the then Government Chief Whip & MLA Shri Kishor Mohanty in August 2007 but the renovation work was of so sub-standard quality the pond was rendered useless in a few years. Similarly, an existing children park adjacent to the temple has been lying useless since years as the local government has shut eyes towards its development and care. Of course the unwanted growth of grass and shrub around the pond and park has made access to these areas impossible. The condition is such that children and women are afraid of venturing in to the park & pond area. Due to such prevailing condition the pond and children park area have turned into a hub for drunkards and gamblers. While it was the subject of much negligence by last Congress led Jharsuguda Municipality Council, the newly elected BJD led Jharsuguda Municipality Council is showing no interest for the renovation of this pond and children park. Presently, Jharsuguda city is an Industrial hub but it is apathy that there is no park in Jharsuguda or any social forestry. In such a situation Jhadeswar temple does serve as a vacation point for people. But local authorities have shut their eyes towards its all round development. Once famous for its natural surrounding and presence of flora and fauna the old tress are being cut down indiscriminately instead of new tree plantation. It may be noted that the temple is nearly hundred years old and its old structure (now new temple in its place being built) was an example of Mughal architecture.