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The six Laning of NH-16 Highway in Bhadrak is yet to take its course. With some public demands under the strong initiative of Kalipuja Mahasangha's former secretary Abinash Jena & many social volunteers, some of districts schools, Colleges and social organisations have come together to put their demands infront of NHAI i.e construction of Service Road on both sides of NH from Ranital to Dhamnagar chacck, Multiple busstops near the service road, Vehicular Underpass in Charampa, Dahanigadhia, Motel chowk, Nalanga Chowk, Dhamnagar chowk , i.e supposed to allow large vehicles like Fire brigade, trucks, etc to cross highway by them and to prevent traffic congestions in those areas was taken up. Most demands were fulfilled but the demand at Charampa remain unnoticed. So people of charampa's long running demand to construct a VUP(Vehicular UnderPass)in place of the existing PUP(Pedestrian UnderPass) was taken up. As NHAI denied to fulfill the demands of Charampa, So the people of Charampa rose to protest and eventually a committee was formed which was known as Charampa National Highway Samprasaran Committee with members Narayan Biswal,Ratnakar Samal, Sanjay Barik, Niranjan Behera, Kalol Lenka, Ex-MLA Naren Pallai, Aladin Khan, Manoswini Khuntia, Urmila Choudhary, Sanjeev Mohanty, Bhagabat Padihary, Raj Kishore Satpathy, Amiya Rout, SK Abdul Salam, Bibhuti Pallai, Kedarnath Gupta, Niranjan Pani, Gajendranath Behera, Kamalakanta Ray, Prafulla Nayak, Raunk Gupta, Rupesh Roul, Gagan Rout, Sadanand Sahoo, Biswanath Pallai, Ashok Parida, Bijay Kumar Jena,Jyotsnarani Panda, Ashok Biswal, Abinash Jena & many more, On 19th of February,2019 the committee informed to the District Administration and NHAI that it is holding a mass protest on Highway for the demand. To which NHAI promised them to reach a solution within 3 months. Prior to the timeline, on 13th May 2019 , Nageshwar Rao , Project Director (NHAI) along with Charampa Highway Samprasaran Committee Secretary Narayan Biswal , Social worker Abinash Jena the authority informed about the new upcoming VUP adjacent to the present PUP & Government of India has considered to fulfill the demand. Vehicular UnderPass of height 5.5 metres & 12 metres width in Charampa will now be a reality soon. The members, localities have thanked to all District authorities, NHAI for fulfilling the demands.