Simba Rai

Recipe Process
Chop the beans and tomatoes into small pieces . Make a fine paste by grinding mustard seeds ( 3 btps ), cumin seeds ( 1/2 btps ),dry chilies (1 pc ) and garlic. Take a deep pan, boil one cup of water, add pieces of beans and salt according to taste and boil it properly. Heat oil in a frying pan, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, dry chilies and curry leaves. After it starts spluttering add tomatoes and fry it. Then add the paste and turmeric powder to it. Stir it continuously for sometime. Then add the boiled beans to the above paste and frequently stir till the beans mixed well with the paste . Add water ( 2 cup ) to it and salt as per taste, stir well and cover the lid. Cook on a lower flame for 10 minutes. Serve it hot.

Recipe Ingredients
1.Bean(Simba)-350 grms 2.Tomatoes(Bilati Baigana)-350 grms 3.Mustard Seeds(Sorisha)-4 tps 4.Garlic(Rasuna)-6 cloves 5.Cumin Seeds(Jeera)-1 btps 6.Dry Chillies(Sukhila Lanka)-2 pcs 7.Curry Leaves(Bhursunga Patra)-15 grms 8.Turmeric Powder(Haladi Gunda)-1/2 tps 9.Mustard Oil(Sorisha Tela)-2 btps 10.Salt as per taste

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